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Why volunteer with us?

Do you ever feel inspired while watching a TED or TEDx talk? That same inspiration is multiplied when you volunteer at a live TEDxCharlottesville event! You become part of creating that inspiration and sense of community. We invite you to bring your time, talent, and resources to setting up and running the event. We want all of our volunteers to be evangelists for the event and we also have fun defined roles that you can choose from, so volunteer today!

Because of our great benefits and moderate time commitments, we gain large numbers of requests to volunteer each year, so if you sign up, make sure you show up. Fun will ensue!


  • Opportunity to help create the magic                    
  • TEDxCharlottesville custom t-shirt
  • Admission to the after party
  • Opportunity to engage with brilliant free-thinkers

What’s the commitment?

Being a part of TEDxCharlottesville is a serious commitment. If you do wish to volunteer, whether it’s as a team leader or a worker bee, please remember that the commitment is real and that we will depend on you for at least the following:

  • Be an evangelist leading up to and during the event, dropping event promo cards everywhere you can think and representing TEDxCharlottesville on your social media channels.
  • TEDxCharlottesville is a volunteer-based organization. If you sign up, show up

What can you do as a volunteer?

There will be many tasks we hope you will become excited about, from greeting and directing guests, to working to feed 1000 attendees in an hour, to working closely with steering committee members and team leaders.  You may fit into one or many of these positions, but we will always consider what you want to do first, rather than what positions we need filled. We know you’re volunteering your time and energy, and if you’re not enjoying the work you do, we don’t want to have you doing it.

If you’re ready to take the next step, sign up to receive our volunteer updates. You’ll be informed when our next volunteer meeting is and how to get involved.

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Open Mic Night - October 13

Do you have an idea worth spreading?

Would you like to speak at this year's TEDxCharlottesville event? Share your "RefleXions" inspired story to the community at our Open Mic Night. Enter to be chosen to give your best TEDxCharlottesville talk at The Jefferson Theater on Monday, October 13. Audience members will vote on their favorite speaker and who they would like to speak at the main November 14 event at the Paramount.

Please email us either your 2 minute video submission via YouTube link or 200-word description of what your talk will be about by Friday, September 26th at 5pm.

Open Mic


2014 Speakers

Russell Richards

Artist and filmmaker creating fantastical, futuristic and conceptual work

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